The Consequences

Not only are we affected by the amount of trash there is in the ocean, the ones who are affected directly is marine life. Majority of the food chain in the ocean rely on plankton as the main food source. With all the trash building up, marine life can easily mistake bits of plastic as food. Their bodies will not be able to digest any of the trash and therefore the trash will get trapped inside. The trash will disturb the digestive tract and cause health problems. Eventually the problems will lead to death.


Traces of chemicals from trash have been found in marine life. Over 100 different chemicals have been found in fish. Of these 100, the 6 most prominent are methylmercury, chlorinated compounds PCBs, dioxins, chlordane, the DDT group, and dieldrin. A scary fact is that we humans eat all sorts of fish with these chemicals inside them. As you look higher on the food chain, these species will have consumed the most chemicals from eating other species on the bottom of the food chain.


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