The Cause

We humans produce an alarming amount of garbage. Most our waste today is composed of plastic. Plastic, which is made from petroleum, is a material that is not biodegradable. Plastic will still remain as time passes by. The only way to truly dispose of plastic is by burning it; however, burning plastic releases toxic chemicals. Therefore, plastic is the most deadliest weapon to Mother Nature. Incinerating plastic waste will do as much harm done as ignoring the plastic problem. When the plastic remains in the ocean, the sun will heat up the plastic and cause toxic chemicals to directly mix with the ocean water.

Because of its chemical properties, plastic builds up on the face of the planet. Plastic is used in many different products. Most of these products are cheap and easy to produce. Here are some examples of plastic products:

  • remote control (mainly made out of plastic)
  • controllers for a video game system
  • the hose you use to water your plants
  • shampoo bottles
  • handles of your fridge, most of them are plastic
  • the grips of cooking pans are mainly plastic
  • light switches
  • buttons of your clothes
  • your clothes (polyesther) are made out of PET plastic
  • the soles of your tennis shoes
  •  the insulating plastic that covers all of the appliances wires and connections
  • the keyboard of your computer is mainly plastic
  • your telephone is mainly plastic
  • the case of your tv and other appliances is made out of plastic
  • a waste basket in the kitchen can also be plastic
  • the bottled water you drink is bottles in plastic
  • the bread you eat is probably packed in a plastic bag


Plastic is the most abundant source of trash that accumulates in the ocean. In addition to plastic, other chemicals are found in the gyre. Sludge found in the ocean is composed from a wide variety of chemicals. Oil spills from large tankers and chemical exhaust from factories all produce toxic chemicals that mix with plastic.

Trash from all over will eventually end up in the ocean. Rain washes garbage off the street into the gutters and straight into the ocean. The trash will travel the vast oceans and get trapped in the cycling currents. Since the oceans currents move circular, trash can never escape and only build up.


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